I was introduced to martial arts after joining the NAVY. While out on deployment or turning circles the officers would require the sailors to PT on the flight deck. After PT some of the enlisted sailors leading these session would continue to teach martial arts on the flight deck or transition to the well deck. During our deployment in 2000 we docked in the Philippines and while I visited my family there, the Marines assigned to the ship cross-trained w/ the Filipino armed forces. After our departure the Marines assigned to the ship’s Sound & Security team attempted to demonstrate to us some of the Filipino Martial Art techniques presented to them.

After the NAVY I eventually became interested in Martial Arts again, but specifically drawn to Filipino Martial Arts. During that time the schools I looked into was primarily focused only on the empty-hand portion of the Filipino Martial Art or I was missing context while going through the striking patterns. So I purchased books, online courses, & attended seminars in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

In 2015 I met Guro Tyrus Cox who trained directly under Tuhon Tim Waid. Guro Tyrus informed me the PTK-SMF system is a bladed system taught in a military structure, that requires specific mechanics while moving with intent for proper application. After a couple of weeks of asking questions and Guro Tyrus breaking down the lessons everything started clicking, drawing me in. Soon I started connecting the dots, understanding the method to the madness (as the old saying goes). Over the next year, I had 1×1 training 3 to 4 times a week and then started helping other students. Eventually, I transitioned into scheduled classes at Guro Tyrus’ school and attending PTK-SMF seminars in Dallas. In 2021 I earned my 8th (Lakan Walo) rank and became an instructor in the PTK-SMF system.

I still train with Guro Tyrus and encourage anyone interested in routine scheduled classes to join where I train in Pflugerville, TX at Centex Combatives with instructor Tyrus Cox who teaches the following:
• Submission Wrestling
• Judo
• Kickboxing
• Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (PTK-SMF Austin)